Selling. Is it an art, or is it a science…?...

Definition of art.

Human skill or workmanship. Intuitive rather than rational understanding.

Definition of science.

Systemised knowledge. Exceptional skill due to knowledge and training as distinguished from natural ability. Reliable knowledge about any topic.

Imagine yourself engaged in a debate. “On a scale of 1 to 10, if completely artistic equates to a 1 and completely scientific equates to 10, where should we place the profession of selling?”

Many of us are drawn to the results of great creativity and flair. Examples spring readily to mind from fields as far apart as sport and fine art. The end result of selling is a human being influencing another human being. So it could be argued that selling is mostly an art….  A 3, or a 2 or even a 1……?

…. On the other hand… how likely are we to see a book on a bookstore shelf which offers to teach us ‘How To Be A Dentist’..? — and — more importantly, how would we respond to the news that an un-trained dentist was about to attend to us..?  (The word mortified springs to mind…)

Although certain intrinsic natural attributes need to be in place (such as intelligence relative to the market) and we are not yet ready to replaced by robots, our view is that good calibre salespeople are good calibre in particular because they have been trained i.e. more is learned than can be attributed to what lies inside the human being when he / she joins the world.

Overall therefore, in the opinion of Quantum on that Art-Versus-Science scale selling is probably around a 6…

Work with Quantum and we think you’ll appreciate why we believe that sustainable success in selling has much to do with methodology and ‘learned behaviour’.





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November 16, 2017

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