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Managing future sales results

In a recent issue of Director magazine, Philip Sadler attributes the UK’s positive economic outlook for the 21st century to the fact that ‘some learning has been going on’. He is of course, correct to say this, but I fear that UK industry still has much to learn...

How to win new customers

Asking how to do this is a bit like asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’. Simple stuff at its core – but it can get complicated along the way… The central principles are: Define your key added-value deliverables Be very clear about what it is you are really selling....

Are you making your customers an offer they can’t refuse?

I was reading an article in Forbes Global just before Christmas entitled ‘The Undeaded’. The article explored the many software companies that have been haemorrhaging £millions and eating into the cash mountains built up by raising equity funding. So, once...

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