Maximising sales from existing customers

Maximising the sales opportunity (volume, value, product mix and margin) with existing customers is normally the fastest route to improving top line performance for business leaders.

What makes a sale a good sale as opposed to another order?

What’s currently being left behind either consciously or un-consciously for the competition, how do you quantify it and more importantly what are you actively doing about it to improve operational improvement?

How would this low hanging additional sales revenue impact both your top line and profitability?

For most companies, it takes about five times the effort to win new customers compared with selling more to existing customers. Have a look at some of the tools Quantum apply to help their clients to protect and grow existing business.

How to convert your value propositions into sales propositions

Many misguided marketing departments believe that value propositions should be pitched via Powerpoint presentations and alike without paying due attention to the need / want development that should precede it...

How to develop your value propositions

All selling operations need to be able to communicate competitive value to its customers to optimise long-term profitability. Find out how to capture your value propositions in a practical framework...

Are you making your customers an offer they can't refuse?

The issue of preparing and developing strong and robust propositions which deliver advantages to the customer is a common problem for companies and professional firms throughout the land – and one not always well addressed.

A comprehensive approach to sales forecasting that takes the ‘hunch’ out of the ‘guesswork’

How accurate is your sales forecast? How many of the deals you predict actually come in? Once you have assessed the true planning gap you may wish to consider how to improve it.

Quantum tools

We use a tried and tested series of tools to deliver operational improvements across your business.

View the tools we use

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