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Quantum’s significant armoury of industry leading sales support tools and proven methodologies is reflected below.

DMP analysis

“Most discussions of decision making assume that only senior executives make decisions or that only senior executives’ decisions matter. This is a dangerous mistake.”

Peter Drucker

The DMP Grid is a tool which identifies where the key decision-makers sit within a grid mechanism which takes into account the levels of influence each has over a decision, how receptive they might be to your message and their level of support for your solution.

Pre-call plan

As the old adage goes: 'no one plans to fail but many fail to plan'. Sadly, this is too often the case with salespeople who might work very hard to secure meeting but no put meaningful effort into planning the call. This tool helps the salesperson to focus on the required outcomes of the tool in terms of 'customer commitment' and to consider in detail the sales propositions that will 'bite' with the customer and, crucially, the questions that need to be asked to develop the customer's needs and wants.

Sales propositions mindmap

As discussed in our white paper: 'How to develop value propositions' it is vital that we work out exactly how we add vale to our customers' business. This tool graphically enables us to map the customers' business drivers for any market segment and to identify how our products and services help the customer to grow their business and drive profitability. It also enables us to identify where we have competitive advantage and thus where we should focus our sales effort.

Value Added Selling e-learning platform

An online programmed video learning suite available to Club Q members to develop and reinforce skills for selling added value including pre-workshop case study exercises.

Personal Development Plans

Post hire, new recruits are usually very highly motivated to get on with the job and to be successful. This motivation can quickly dwindle if there is not an effective on-boarding process. To ensure that new recruits are on-boarded effectively we introduce our Personal Development Plans at an early stage. This tool profiles the knowledge and skills required to do the job and through consultation with their sales manager, the new recruit agrees the gaps and a detailed plan is put in place to develop the required knowledge and skills.

Linkedin process

Through years of practical experience, Quantum has developed effective approaches for using Linkedin to identify decision makers and stakeholders and to set up a business dialogue. Through consultation with your Quantum consultant you will be quickly be able to deploy a strategy and set of actions leading to appointments with the required people.

Motivation profiles

It’s a popular myth that salespeople are only motivated by money. In a long running Quantum survey, financial motives comes third from the bottom in a list of seven motivational drivers! A key sales management task is to identify the motivators for each team member and to manage them accordingly. Quantum’s profiling tools enables this via a questionnaire that takes about 15 minutes to complete.  

Positioning statements and hooks

When it comes to gaining prospect appointments no one reacts well to transparently delivered scripts but it is true to say that certain key points need to be prepared to ensure that we engage the prospect and gain their interest. Quantum's simple template enables you to think through, document and hone your approach.

Objection bank

It's obvious when you think about it most of the customer objections or 'concerns' that you get are the ones that come up again and again. Likewise it is likely that certain team members have the best ideas for countering the objections. This simple tool is a way of identifying the most common objections and sharing best practice to assemble 'best possible answers'.

Range penetration matrix

It is sometimes said that cross-selling and selling more to existing customers is the biggest missed opportunity in selling. This simple tool enables you to quickly identify where there are opportunities to sell in additional products and services and also identifies where volumes can be increased on existing lines of business.


Used in the context of key account management and preparing for a negotiation, this tool analyses strengths and weaknesses relative to the competition and the opportunities and threats that they give rise to.

Quantum SaleScope™ – Sales Audit and cross-sectional assessment

Using field visit observation and personal interviews with a mixed capability group of sales people, we use our expertise and ’best practice’ measurement tools to identify gaps and gain early buy-in to the change process, so that we can give individual feedback and provide a comprehensive set of recommendations to senior management on what needs to be addressed to produce competitive advantage through the salesforce. Quantum’s insightful structured customer interviews form part of the process ensuring that the scope for adding more value through personal selling can be clearly defined from the customer’s perspective.

Negotiation checklist

Based on who we are negotiating with, their role in the decision making process and who / what we are competing with. It is also important to consider our SWOT position and the customers likely tactics. We need to consider this when preparing for the negotiation and Quantum's 'Negotiation Checklist'ensures that we cover all of the required bases.

Win-Win tool

Win-Win is a weighted mechanism constructed specifically for your business environment, which provides an accurate fix on how likely it is that your salesperson will win a piece of business.

Yerfej box

When it comes to assessing pipeline probability, there is much confusion between the likelihood of a piece of business converting and the stage in the sales process. Completing a first visit is not an indicator of 20% likelihood (for example) any more than a visit later in the sales process necessarily equates to 80% likelihood. Driven by the ‘Win-Win’ score, the 'Yerjej Box' creates a matrix of these two factors and gives practical guidelines on appropriate actions in each quadrant.

Selection criteria template

The selection criteria score and profile enables you to assess the relative importance of the customer compared with the rest of the customers in your portfolio. It is a broader measure than revenue alone and gives you the true strategic fit of the customer.
Selection criteria scores should be listed in 'league table' fashion for all customers in your portfolio to ensure that the commensurate amount of sales effort is aligned with the opportunity

Personal Motivation Questionnaire

It’s a popular myth that salespeople are only motivated by money. In a long running Quantum survey, financial motives comes third from the bottom in a list of seven motivational drivers! A key sales recruitment tool is to identify the motivators for each candidate to assess if their profile aligns with the role and if their is a good fit with the team. Quantum's profiling tool enables this via a questionnaire that delivers the candidate profile on an easy to interpret graph.  


Often, sales activity is planned based on a 'performance standard' for everyone or based on 'rule of thumb' assessments of how hard a salesperson needs to work. Salesbase is a tool for planning the Quantity, Direction and Quality of sales effort to achieve future results. It takes into account how much business needs to come from existing customers, how much from new and based on the planned conversion ratios through the sales process, how much sales effort it will take to win the business required.

Personal sales plans

For any sales leader to effectively motivate a team and the individuals within it they need a good fix on team members in terms of the key selling activites that need completing and what support and personal development they need to be effective. Quantum’s Personal Sales Plan (PSP) focuses in on each individual and captures their forward activity plan combined with their Personal Development Plan (PDP). This enables a sales leader to adapt a suitable leadership style in terms of the support and direction given to each team member.

Personal development plans

An essential part of the PSP, this template identifies the skills and knowledge required to execute the required sales activities and acts as a discussion document between the sales leader and salesperson to agree on the gaps in their capability. It then goes on to capture the planned training, coaching inputs and appropriate follow up.


Leadership style analysis

Many sales leaders do not adjust their leadership style to suit each individual. This tool identifies their current style and signposts the changes they need to make to be a more effective leader.



Central to any sales manager’s job is the ability to select and recruit new team members effectively. Too often, mistakes are make resulting in a dip in sales performance and team morale. The adage is: ‘recruit slow and fire fast’ and the KASH tool ensures that the required amount of rigour is put into the profiling of the required person for the job. KASH is an acronym forKnowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habits. It’s the Attitudes and Habits that often catch sales managers out!

Sales Leadership Diagnostic (SLD)

As part of Quantum’s best b2b selling best practice benchmarking the SLD is a 360 degree device for establishing the current sales leadership ethos measured against 15 elements of effective sales leadership. Output reports are expressed as a ‘radar diagram’ illustrating the gaps in each element and a more detailed report is available showing what actions need to be taken to close the gaps. Available as a free survey tool as well as being used for comprehensive Sales Audits.

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