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Sales activity planning – tools

KASH profile template

Central to our process.  Too often, recruitment mistakes are made due to insufficient focus on attitudes and habits and not enough detail regarding knowledge and skills. The KASH tool ensures that the required amount of rigour is put into the profiling of the required person for the job and is an invaluable tool during the recruitment process.  Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habits. 


Personal Motivation Questionnaire

It’s a popular myth that salespeople are only motivated by money. In a long running Quantum survey, financial motives comes third from the bottom in a list of seven motivational drivers! A key sales recruitment tool is to identify the motivators for each candidate to assess if their profile aligns with the role and if their is a good fit with the team. Quantum's profiling tool enables this via a questionnaire that delivers the candidate profile on an easy to interpret graph.  


Yerfej box

When it comes to assessing pipeline probability, there is much confusion between the likelihood of a piece of business converting and the stage in the sales process. Completing a first visit is not an indicator of 20% likelihood (for example) any more than a visit later in the sales process necessarily equates to 80% likelihood. Driven by the ‘Win-Win’ score, the ‘Yerjej Box’ creates a matrix of these two factors and gives practical guidelines on appropriate actions in each quadrant.


Personal Development Plans

Post hire, new recruits are usually very highly motivated to get on with the job and to be successful. This motivation can quickly dwindle if there is not an effective on-boarding process. To ensure that new recruits are on-boarded effectively we introduce our Personal Development Plans at an early stage. This tool profiles the knowledge and skills required to do the job and through consultation with their sales manager, the new recruit agrees the gaps and a detailed plan is put in place to develop the required knowledge and skills.


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