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Often, sales activity is planned based on a 'performance standard' for everyone or based on 'rule of thumb' assessments of how hard a salesperson needs to work. Salesbase is a tool for planning the Quantity, Direction and Quality of sales effort to achieve future results. It takes into account how much business needs to come from existing customers, how much from new and based on the planned conversion ratios through the sales process, how much sales effort it will take to win the business required.

Personal Motivation Questionnaire

It’s a popular myth that salespeople are only motivated by money. In a long running Quantum survey, financial motives comes third from the bottom in a list of seven motivational drivers! A key sales recruitment tool is to identify the motivators for each candidate to assess if their profile aligns with the role and if their is a good fit with the team. Quantum's profiling tool enables this via a questionnaire that delivers the candidate profile on an easy to interpret graph.  

Detailed job descriptions

Too often job descriptions are inadequate or out-of-date. At Quantum, through interviewing the hiring manager and sometimes other team members we ensure that the full scope of the position is covered. We also ensure that common traps are avoided like including KPIs or specific objectives that change regularly over time.

The job descriptions combined with KASH are used to write the job ads and as the basis of the selection process.

Personal Development Plans

Post hire, new recruits are usually very highly motivated to get on with the job and to be successful. This motivation can quickly dwindle if there is not an effective on-boarding process. To ensure that new recruits are on-boarded effectively we introduce our Personal Development Plans at an early stage. This tool profiles the knowledge and skills required to do the job and through consultation with their sales manager, the new recruit agrees the gaps and a detailed plan is put in place to develop the required knowledge and skills.

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