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Quantum – challenge, connect, deliver

As a business leader maximising ROI and shareholder value is probably your central objective. Choose Quantum. Look what happened at Virgin Atlantic:

” I estimate that an £80k investment with Quantum, gets us an extra £20m in return!”

Paul Wait. GM UK and Global Sales. (An impressive x250 ROI).

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What will happen as a result
of our inputs?

Your sales growth will accelerate.

Your prices and gross profit margins will increase.

Your conversion rates will improve incrementally.

Your new business wins will increase.

Your key accounts will deliver more growth and profit.

Choosing who to work with as your external sales advisors is a critical
or even pivotal decision.


The top 5 reasons to choose Quantum are:

  • We work alongside business leaders and we make things happen!
  • We ensure measurable ROI
  • We have a robust and determined approach proven over 23 years
  • We rapidly adapt to your business environment and market
  • We are change agents and not ‘take it or leave it’ sales trainers.

What our customers are saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Anyone considering embarking on a development programme with Quantum should be aware that their approach is far beyond any traditional ‘training programme’. Be prepared for the discomfort that a behavioural change programme brings. This isn’t a ‘quick fix’ exercise, but rather a continuous programme of driving a process of cultural change within a selling operation and we are now reaping the rewards in terms of vastly improved sales results in a flat market, highly motivated sales teams, and a stream of customer and industry accolades. In fact, I estimate that for every £80k we invest with Quantum, we get an extra £20m in return!”

Paul Wait

General Manager of Sales UK and Global Accounts, Virgin Atlantic

“We were initially a bit sceptical about the value of working with an outside organisation. We deliberated for some time before engagement. Although we were right to be cautious, within 16 hours, over 2 short months, it was obvious where the value was. Our conversion ratios increased by 7.5% in 8 weeks, we experienced much shorter lead times, higher average order values and personally felt far more in control of each sales situation. Our clients seemed to enjoy the experience too! Since then things have gone from good to great with conversion ratios increased by 140% overall. We are now agreeing a similar support framework for our new sales people who will be joining us shortly. This kind of ‘real-time’ support has become an essential part of my job. Quantum keeps me focussed on what is really important and the opportunities I might otherwise miss due to other pressures.”

Andrew Heath

Sales Director , PH-media

“Sales results began to improve dramatically in volume and margin terms. The year after the audit, sales revenue increased from £35m to £95m and ‘sold margin’ went from minus 3% to plus 18%. Even the salespeople gave open-meeting testimonials that the new way of working had improved their results and increased their personal remuneration.”

“It’s rare to be able to clearly identify 7-figure added-value contributed by external consultants. But that is the true extent of what Quantum have done for this company during the time we have worked with them.”

Bill Evans

Sales and Marketing Director, Otis Lifts

“I was looking for a company that would take a ‘real word’ approach to help me to develop my sales skills. I worked out that it was not a question of just going on a sales training course. What I needed was personal sales coaching to ensure I develop the right behaviours and habits.” Quantum’s approach has been very impressive with a clever use of online resources that I access online at my own pace combined with face-to-face and skype coaching sessions that have been drip-fed over a six month period and are still ongoing.” Quantum has helped me to put in place a sales prospecting plan with quantified sales activity plans and as well as helping me to define the ‘what’ they have applied world class sales coaching techniques to help develop my skills and drive implementation.

David Sanchez

Proprietor, Complete Tours (B2B)

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