De-mystifying how sales works

Far too many people (including many so called sales professionals) believe the myth that good sales people are simply born that way . . . that selling is a form of black art full of mystique which you either have or you don’t. And because it’s a black art this lends itself to the thinking it’s of course not subject to rigorous objective and performance management . . . and quite often it’s supplemented with the self- justifying myth that under-performance is due to the vagaries of the market and over performance to the individual’s inherent success at applying this wondrous black art.

The net result of this way of thinking is that it’s not possible to effectively manage the sales result in line with the business objectives . . . all that can be done is for the sales force to do its best and hope to generate the required result. Sales cannot therefore be integrated into the business planning process in the way that other functions can – or so the argument would go.

Whilst it’s true that there are some natural aptitudes and characteristics that enhance the sales profile, selling is more of a science than an art and sales improvement is largely a blend of recruiting individuals with the right profile (knowledge, skills, attitude, and aptitude); applying necessary behavioural changes, methodologies and tools at each stage of the selling process, and measuring performance improvement (quantity and quality) across all key performance indicators. A well-motivated and objectively managed sales operation will consistently out-perform ‘me too’ market competitors and deliver organic growth and increased market share.

Since its foundation in 1992 Quantum has worked with numerous organisations to successfully introduce professional modern, results-focused methodologies and tools to their selling operations that are agile, adaptable, challenging and motivating. Quantum consultants ‘take no prisoners’ and work in a robust fashion as a representative of your Board to drive through the required behavioural change. The resulting improvements to both the revenue and profit lines speak for themselves. If you’re tasked with improving sales performance call us today for an exploratory discussion.

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The biggest mystery is the fact is that there are too many salespeople out there who spend most of their lives in a ‘comfort zone’ talking about their products and services to people who may/may not understand them.


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