Growing your top line faster than the market

For many organisations sales budgets are simply linked to market performance or market performance plus a bit! Or even worse than that, calculated to make the bottom line look right and a ‘management by hope’ mentality. From a steady as she goes/status quo perspective or maybe the comfort of just accepting ‘custom and practice’ this may seem sufficient.

For business leaders tasked with maximising operational performance and shareholder value, simply accepting this is a prelude to resignation . . . or worse! So, of course, improve operational efficiency but pay attention to growing the top line which is usually the biggest driver of improved profitabilty.

Ask yourself how does your selling operation perform against best in class industry comparisons (and which industry you’re comparing it with); what’s the size of the current performance gap and hence what’s the realistic sales opportunity to be targeted and what will be the business impact of delivering that growth.

Quantum have practical hands on real world agility and adaptability in supporting sales operations to outperform market trend and deliver best in class organic growth. If you’re tasked with delivering real growth with a sales operation that feels a bit lethargic in its approach, engage with us to find out how these costly gaps can be closed.

Want to learn more? Download your free Sales-Aid. How to win new customers

Key to growing beyond the market is winning new customers from your competitors and creating new opportunities. Asking how to do this is a bit like asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Simple stuff at its core – but it can get complicated along the way…Read this practical guide on the central principles of acquiring new customers.

Our experience

Virgin Atlantic

Early in his new job it became clear to Paul Wait, Virgin Atlantic’s General Manager UK and Global Sales, that following the impact of calamitous world events on the airline industry there was a need to take a fresh look at how his Corporate Account teams were organised and managed.

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