Demonstrate to shareholders how the sales risk is being managed

Managing the sales revenue risk is a critical concern of all shareholders but all too often business leaders accept mediocre sales performance and fail to implement productivity and performance improvements that they would regularly apply to any other part of the business operation.

Why is this?

If under scrutiny, could you ‘answer the exam question’ and explain to shareholders how future sales results are being managed? Sales are an output of sales activity and as with any functional output require the necessary level of input to deliver the required result.

So in simple terms, effectively managing the Quantity, Direction and Quality of sales activity is a pre-requisite for delivering the sales objectives and it’s the responsibility of the sales leaders to effectively plan and implement sales activity to deliver the plan. So when you hear excuses such as we’re too expensive; the competition have stronger relationships; the market is down; we couldn’t meet the programme etc as justifications for missing the sales budget . . . ask yourself what’s the real reason and how are you going to address it?

When it comes to managing sales performance, Quantum is passionate about challenging the status quo and applying result-focused improvements aligned to the delivery of the business objectives. We’ve a strong pedigree working with business leaders to deliver significant growth to both revenue and profit lines. We’re ready to talk to see how we could help you to nail down future revenues.

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Liquid Plastics

Brought into the business as change agents at Board level request at the onset of the 2008 recession, Quantum were challenged to implement performance gains aimed at growing the top line and hence growing market share in the face of a rapidly declining market.


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How to develop your value propositions

All selling operations need to be able to communicate competitive value to its customers to optimise long-term profitability. Find out how to capture your value propositions in a practical framework…

Sales Leadership Diagnostic for business leaders

Take 5 minutes to complete the SLD Radar Chart and get a FREE OF CHARGE high level report on the current sales leadership effectiveness benchmarked against B2B best practice.

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