Is your marketing platform fit for purpose?

All too often marketing and selling operations hum from a different hymn sheet to the detriment of the business and the gleeful joy of the competition. It’s sad to say that comments from sales teams to customers such as . . . “it’s something done by our marketing department”  (inference  you can feel free to ignore it) are not un-common. The insane logic that brand positioning is something ‘done’ by the marketing department in isolation from day to day sales activity undermines a company’s brand value, its market performance and ultimately its market capitalisation . . . not to mention minimising  the ROI from your communications initiatives.

Businesses with strong growth aspirations need a market platform fit to deliver that growth. Its key value propositions need to be well understood by all employees and underpin all macro/market level communications and micro/sales level communications. All marketing tools (digital and traditional) and sales activity need to consistently promote the brand positioning and core values in order to constantly reinforce differentiated propositions and the added value for the customer.

So ask yourself objectively whether you have a sufficiently strong market platform to deliver your objectives and aspirations. Better still ask your customers what they think about your brand positioning and ask them what your key value propositions actually are and why they buy from you! Then think about the cost of their answers to your business.

Using our real-world experience of growing our clients’ brand values and market capitilisation it’s in Quantum’s DNA to objectively challenge all aspects of your current sales and marketing performance in an agile and robust fashion. That’s what we do so give us a call to discuss how we could apply our expertise to your business to drive profitable sales growth.

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Are you making your customers an offer they can’t refuse?

The issue of preparing and developing strong and robust propositions which deliver advantages to the customer is a common problem for companies and professional firms throughout the land – and one not always well addressed.

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