Getting ROI from your selling operation

Why aren't you getting sufficient return from your selling operation?
When asked what keeps you awake at night, most business leaders put sales performance or more pertinently lack of performance, high on the list. Inability to control and deliver a sustainable sales line (value and gross margin) impacts all areas of the business: operational and manufacturing capacity once lost cannot be recovered; labour and material/stock costs rise; the impact on EBIT keeps all stakeholders and investors on edge. Sales leadership can become stressed resulting in a vicious circle of over forecasting and under-performing . . . and yet more sleepless nights. If this is hitting any nerves with you, you may well be thinking about how to get it sorted out.

Unlike many sales consultancies, at Quantum we are passionate, practical and agile in challenging the status quo, working in a robust and resolute fashion with business leaders in a collaborative and inspiring fashion to identify and bridge existing performance gaps specific to the business demand.

Our 25 years proven pedigree across the b2b sector is built on practical, hands-on real world success in delivering improved business performance.

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Forget the hype and concentrate on carefully planning and managing the three elements of sales activity which will produce your successful sales results of the future.

Our experience

Virgin Atlantic

Early in his new job it became clear to Paul Wait, Virgin Atlantic’s General Manager UK and Global Sales, that following the impact of calamitous world events on the airline industry there was a need to take a fresh look at how his Corporate Account teams were organised and managed.

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