Managing Key Accounts

Some obvious prerequisites to delivering this are a well-honed understanding of the customer’s own business strategy; their demonstrable commitment to your business propositions; effective relationship management at each interface point; a set of mutually agreed measurable objectives across both organisations (to use the sales vernacular “a reverse bow tie relationship”.

Effective key account management brings not just top line benefits but also improved operational and manufacturing planning efficiencies and hence real improvements to both business margins and profitability.


S.I.S.T.E.M. Key Account Planning







If the 80/20 rule applies to your business this methodology contains all the tools you need to ensure that you protect and grow customers that represent the lion share of your revenue.

How to convert your value propositions into sales propositions

Many misguided marketing departments believe that value propositions should be pitched via Powerpoint presentations and alike without paying due attention to the need / want development that should precede it...

How to develop your value propositions

All selling operations need to be able to communicate competitive value to its customers to optimise long-term profitability. Find out how to capture your value propositions in a practical framework...

The essence of key account management

In this high leverage, '80/20' sales area, where concentration of effort is paramount, we are usually playing for the highest of stakes. A rare blend of attributes is called for at the high end of key account management.

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We use a tried and tested series of tools to deliver operational improvements across your business.

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