Our Team

Adrian Moss

As a trusted advisor to sales professionals and business leaders Adrian helps deliver business transformation by driving behavioural change in selling operations.

A seasoned professional, Adrian works with businesses and individual committed to their own growth. As a business advisor he challenges sales professionals by coaching and developing successful sales strategies and processes.

Jamie Johnson

Since Quantum’s formation in 1992 Jamie has been instrumental in client retention of large organisations across a wide spectrum of the private sector. Jamie has achieved his successes through a combination of applying his professional ability, skills and hard work – doing his best at what he is best at.


Paul Tuley

Paul has lived and breathed Sales for most of his career. He is a highly experienced Sales Professional and has worked at board level in a number of companies developing their sales growth on a global scale with many “Blue Chip” manufacturing companies.  He has now combined his highly practical approach to helping companies advance their sales expertise in the B2B arena.

Jono Oswin

Jono has lived and breathed Sales and Marketing for the last 25+ years of his career, providing sales and marketing expertise to businesses in one form or another since the late 1980’s, helping organisations develop strong propositions and to align internally, to maximise sales impact and to drive growth. He has worked with a wide cross-section of industries including Aerospace, Energy, Travel, Financial Services, Media and Utilities to name a few.

Michael Rudkin

For some thirty years Michael Rudkin has worked with large and small businesses to develop sales leaders as well as their teams. Working in partnership with the former is at the core of  his approach and is an absolute necessity if training is to be a process leading to behavioural change rather than a short term ‘shot in the arm’. 

Dr Cliff Ferguson

Cliff has worked on a wide variety of projects with commercial organisations, professional services firms and the ‘not for profit’ sector over the last 25+ years. He has now combined his highly practical approach to leadership, relationship building and business development with his unique academic research to focus on developing  rainmakers and devotes most of his time to coaching and mentoring potential rainmakers and business leaders.

Steve Jessop

Steve is one of the two founding partners of Quantum and continues as a member of the Quantum team working with a focused portfolio of key clients. Before this, Steve over-achieved in front line, sales & marketing leadership roles, and board level positions in five different sectors which gives him unusual professional ‘breadth’.