Getting your head straight

A.If you think you are too expensive, you probably will be!

B.Believe in your own pricing — not the customer’s propaganda

C.In the absence of perceiving value, customers will default to making price the issue

The facts of life….

  1. You will always lose some orders because you could not bridge the price – versus – value gap
  2. Don’t expect to be the cheapest very often (do you want to be?)
  3. Understand that handling price pressure will always be part of your job
  4. People do not “buy on price” — they consider a price/value relationship

Love thy competitor and sell the difference!

Practical guidelines for price handling

When to present price

After the customer perceives the benefits of our solution

Handling the early price challenge

Initially, try politely ignoring it

‘Stall’ where necessary until you are ready to discuss it:

–“I’m coming to that”

–“I can’t tell you until I know exactly what you want.”

–“Is price your only consideration?”

Love thy competitor

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Ask who or what you are being compared with
  3. Establish the extent of the difference
  4. Re-express the difference
  5. Emphasise your added-value

Sell the difference!


  1. We know the competition and their strengths and weaknesses
  2. We have analysed our competitive sales propositions and defined customer needs and wants for them

We therefore have extra benefits