Quantum drives sales growth with local SMEs.

It’s an exciting time for SMEs on the Hampshire and Sussex coast with opportunities for sales growth in existing and new markets. Many of them are working with the Business Growth Service and the Growth Accelerator Programme which provides government funded coaching and consulting inputs to put together and drive business development initiatives and 3 year growth plans.

Quantum Director, Jeff Downs picks up the story: “Through this programme, many companies have identified a need for sales leadership development and to improve their capabilities regarding professional selling. They are working with me locally to provide the required development programmes either delivered in-house or, if they have low headcount, through our suite of local Growth Accelerator match funded public programmes that run regularly through the year. As always, the focus is on driving implementation but with funding help from the Business Growth Service, it’s realistic to provide enough coaching and support to make sure things happen!”

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October 28, 2015