Driving revenue and profit growth

The challenge for business leaders to grow revenue and profitabilty Within the UK sales is a largely misunderstood and under- valued resource. The result is a “me too” type approach that accepts mediocre sales performance as the norm measured against an unchallenged industry benchmark standard. For business leaders tasked with delivering top and bottom line growth, the opportunity to secure competitive advantage from the sales operation is low hanging fruit that can both make and break careers. With the appropriate focus from sales leadership, significant above trend growth is there to be had as Quantum’s track record proves when working with clients across such diverse sectors as airlines, construction products, IT and banking, to mention but a few. So what’s the size of the prize to be had? Revenue Significant double digit growth is available to most organisations across all aspects of their sales platform. Whether that’s in conversion rates, key account penetration, reduced churn, winning new customers, price positioning, reduced discounting etc. Implementing tools and methodologies to sustainably drive performance improvement simultaneously across a number of these areas results in increased market share as the case studies on our web sites demonstrate. Which of these are opportunities for the organisation you are responsible for?? Profitability What’s the size of the opportunity? Run through the P&L for your own business and making the assumption that direct costs and overheads remain broadly constant see what double digit top line growth delivers. That’s the size of the prize to be had and that’s the opportunity currently being left behind for your competitors. In organisations Quantum work with its not untypical to deliver profit growth ranging from 20-35%. What’s required to deliver this level of improved performance for stakeholders and shareholders alike? Simply take the blinkers off, understand the existing performance gaps and make the business demand for change. The rewards are high.


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March 30, 2022