Major lift manufacturer – Quantum makes 7-figure added-value contribution


Otis Limited.

Maximise efficiency of sales operation.

Assessment and ‘hands-on’ participation.

Substantially improved sales volumes and profit margins. Quantum continues to work with the Otis Group internationally.


Success story

The New Equipment Division of the Otis Group has annual sales approaching £100m and is the undisputed industry leader, with a 45% share of the UK market. Quantum has been a significant contributor to Otis’s success. Otis’ Sales & Marketing Director, Bill Evans, invited Quantum to undertake an assessment of the sales operation. Bill takes up the story: “There was a feeling that something wasn’t quite right,” he says, “and that it would be valuable to have an outside view. We were instantly impressed by the Quantum methodology. It is very much a pragmatic, hands-on approach, rather than pure theory.”

Bill Evans was less instantly impressed by the assessment’s findings: “The results of the assessment were, frankly, discouraging and it took us a couple of days to come to terms with what was said. But we appreciated Quantum’s straight talking – it was what we were paying them for. And so we took their advice and used it as a catalyst to change structure, process and people.” These changes included the appointment of a new sales management team, made up of 3 Regional Sales Managers and a Major Account Sales Manager. In depth personal development at all levels – including hands-on coaching by Quantum – helped to ensure that these new appointments hit the ground running.

“The results were incredible,” continues Bill Evans. “The new team went on to achieve record divisional sales results. This was due in no small part to Quantum working directly with the teams to help implement their recommendations. They hand-held the situation right the way through.”

“Sales results began to improve dramatically in volume and margin terms. The year after the audit, sales revenue increased from £35m to £95m and ‘sold margin’ went from minus 3% to plus 18%. Even the salespeople gave open-meeting testimonials that the new way of working had improved their results and increased their personal remuneration.”

The business relationship continues. Quantum continued work with Otis internationally, templating the sales management tools required for each new international product launch. Bill Evans concludes, “It’s rare to be able to clearly identify 7-figure added-value contributed by external consultants. But that is the true extent of what Quantum have done for this company during the time we have worked with them.”


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September 4, 2015