Sales Leadership Programme

Beyond the immediate sales plan, what’s the sales vision for the business; what are the gaps to delivering it, and how are those gaps being bridged? What are the internal barriers to growth from within the existing sales operation and what are you doing about them from a leadership and motivational context?

Sales management is one thing but sales leaders also need to inspire and lead their teams to fulfil their potential and maximise sales productivity. Quantum develop sales leaders using our proven framework for field coaching and team development.

Our Sales Management Framework links market information and sales strategy with sales targets, sales activity management and personal development. The framework is supported by a tailored set of tools and processes based on proven Quantum methodologies for planning the quantity, direction and quality of sales activity, based on the key ratios needed to achieve future sales results. Central to this are Personal Sales Plans (PSPs) – detailing targets, activity and personal development focused on individuals to maximise personal sales performance, job satisfaction and career prospects. Quantum provide support by helping to construct the required tools to implement a PSP regimen. We also include modules for helping Sales Managers to coach sales people effectively and to set motivational and SMART sales targets



Part 1: Sales Management Framework

  1. Introduction and objectives

Outline of the ‘commercial setting’ for the workshop and the objectives to be achieved that will help the sales team and sales management to optimise their results; short, medium and long term

  1. Sales Policy and Planning 

The use of a case study to deductively introduce an overall framework that links market information and marketing policy with sales objectives, the management of sales activity and personal development.

  1. The Salesbase Model

The introduction of a central tool and a common language for planning the quantity direction and quality of sales activity to achieve future results. The definition of the sales process, the critical issues and key ratios that need to be managed.

  1. Salesbase Tools

The development of tailored sales management tools ‘owned’ by the group to quantify salesbase activity and gain implementation of the processes and methodologies that will improve sales effectiveness. For example: identifying key accounts, selection criteria, relationship measurement, backward planning, gap analysis and ‘pipeline’ assessment.  

  1. Motivating Sales Activity

The linkage of the framework with individuals’ motivation and the role that sales planning has in maximising personal performance, job satisfaction and career aspirations.

  1. The Personal Sales Plan

The construction of documentation/back-up systems that enable individuals to comprehensively analyse, monitor, and plan their sales activity and personal development to confidently achieve future targeted results.  This will include the detailed construction of a competency profile, including the benchmarking of the required levels.

  1. Implementation

The drawing up of a detailed action plan to put the required tools and processes in place.


Part 2: Sales Leadership and Coaching

Leadership Style 

  • Good leaders, born or made?
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • The importance of ‘vision’: Simon Sinek—‘Start with Why’
  • Leadership theories and models
    • McGregor’s x-y theory
    • The Blake and Mouton Management Grid
    • Action centred leadership
    • Situational Leadership—putting theory into practice
  • Our personal leadership style—what needs to change?
  • Johari’s window. How to expose peoples’ ‘blind spots’

Sales Coaching

  • Coaching styles and methodologies
  • The importance of observation and feedback
  • The 3 phases of coaching: preparation, execution and feedback
  • Coaching role plays
  • Key learning points


Part 3: Building and Managing Personal Sales Plans. 

  • PSP structures and formats including linkages with CRM systems and forecasting
  • How to introduce PSPs to the team and individuals
  • Structures for sales performance review meetings
  • Communication styles and what’s effective and appropriate
  • Using PSPs as a KPI tool and to plan personal development
  • How to plan and follow up Personal Development Plans


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