Sales Leadership

Beyond the immediate sales plan, what’s the sales vision for the business; what are the gaps to delivering it, and how are those gaps being bridged? What are the internal barriers to growth from within the existing sales operation and what are you doing about them from a leadership and motivational context?

Sales management is one thing but sales leaders also need to inspire and lead their teams to fulfil their potential and maximise sales productivity. Quantum develop sales leaders using our proven framework for field coaching and team development.

I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Sales Leadership Programme








Our sales leadership framework links market information and sales strategy with sales targets, sales activity management and personal development. The framework is supported by a tailored set of tools and processes based on proven Quantum methodologies for planning the quantity, direction and quality of sales activity, based on the key ratios needed to achieve future sales results. Central to this are Personal Sales Plans (PSPs) – detailing targets, activity and personal development focused on individuals to maximise personal sales performance, job satisfaction and career prospects. Quantum provide support by helping to construct the required tools to implement a PSP regimen.

A comprehensive approach to sales forecasting that takes the ‘hunch’ out of the ‘guesswork’

How accurate is your sales forecast? How many of the deals you predict actually come in? Once you have assessed the true planning gap you may wish to consider how to improve it.

Managing future sales results

Forget the hype and concentrate on carefully planning and managing the three elements of sales activity which will produce your successful sales results of the future.

How to win new customers

Asking how to do this is a bit like asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Simple stuff at its core – but it can get complicated along the way… Read this practical guide on the central principles of acquiring new customers.

Why sales training does not work

Every year millions of pounds, and much more in terms of downtime and opportunity cost, are spent on sales training in the b2b sales arena. Jeff Downs looks at why in his opinion, it doesn’t work.


Quantum tools

We use a tried and tested series of tools to deliver operational improvements across your business.

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