Sales Negotiation

How do you maximise sales negotiation to improve both conversion rates and profitability? How do you ensure negotiation is not an excuse for the inability of the sales operation to sell added value and defend price pressure in the first place?

When negotiating how do you ensure that you negotiate products/services with low cost but high customer value and not the other way around?

What’s the current impact to the bottom line performance on the business?


Introduction and Objectives

The focusing of the programme and setting of the scene to gain the ‘buy-in’ of the participants.

  • Definition of Negotiation


Distinguishing the difference between ‘selling’ and ‘negotiation’

  • Position and Interests


Understanding the importance of finding out what’s really important to the customer as opposed to the tactics they are using and the things they are saying


  • The Preparing Phase


Assessing your position v the competition using SWOT. Being clear about your ‘variables’ and what’s low cost to you and high value to your customer. Establishing you ‘red lines’.

  • The Discussion Phase


The different objectives for the discussion phase, the key communication skills required including questioning, listening and body language. Group Role plays based on keynote case study

  • The Proposing Stage


How to present our variables and the language to use to nurture customer acceptance. How to gain firm customer commitment ahead of making your firm offers. How to ‘signal’ your intentions

  • The Bargaining Phase


Using our keynote case study, move on to the bargaining phase and propose concessions to reach a ‘win-win’ outcome

  • Dealing with Deadlock


How to consider any further movement based on your ‘need for the deal’. What happens if you don’t win it? What other opportunities do you have in your pipeline. How to reach agreement with both sides being happy with the outcome

  • Action Plan


Individual action plans for preparing for and conducting future sales negotiations

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