Sales Negotiation

How do you maximise sales negotiation to improve both conversion rates and profitability? How do you ensure negotiation is not an excuse for the inability of the sales operation to sell added value and defend price pressure in the first place?

When negotiating how do you ensure that you negotiate products/services with low cost but high customer value and not the other way around?

What’s the current impact to the bottom line performance on the business?

W.I.N.I.T. Sales Negotiation






Sales Negotiation should start once the sales process is completed. When you get to that stage it’s important to manage the process effectively. Quantum’s sales negotiation skills programme contains a full set of tools and develops the required soft skills to be an effective negotiator.

How to achieve win/win during a negotiation

Real negotiation is not about arguing your point until you get what you want – it’s about arriving at the greatest value for both parties. Unsuccessful negotiations are when either side feels they’ve compromised too much...

How to prepare for a negotiation

Whether negotiating with your boss, your children, your partner or your customers, negotiation touches our lives every day – sometimes without us even knowing…

How to recognise negotiation tactics

Negotiations occur in all areas of our lives, not just business. From large government contract negotiations with complex decision-making processes to conversations between mother and 7 year old son...

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