Quantum Sales Recruitment

Sales recruitment executed by people who know all about sales

Sales recruitment is costly, especially the cost of getting it wrong! The wrong people in the role can be very expensive in terms of lost revenue and enduring harm to customer relationships. Our focus at Quantum is to get it right, every time.

Unlike many traditional recruitment organisations, we really do know what we are talking about when it comes to hiring effective sales people and sales leaders. We’re not in the business of ‘placing candidates’ to earn our fees, we’re in the business of putting in place people who achieve sales results. It’s a subject we know very well…

Role definition and personal profiling

Depending on what’s already in place, our first job is to clearly define the job role using Quantum templates that ensure the right content and parameters. We don’t just ask the questions, we challenge too adding value from the outset.

It is recognised that most recruitment errors are to do with attitudes and habits rather than skills and knowledge. The ‘watchword’ these days is to hire on attitude and then add the knowledge and skills. We use Quantum’s KASH tool (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits) to work with you to profile the type of person you want, what’s essential and what’s desirable. This is used as the basis of the whole recruitment process from candidate sourcing through to CV reviews, interviews and final selection.


Candidate sourcing

Depending on the nature of the role and degree of specialism this can be a very easy task or a very difficult one. Using the Role Profile and the KASH analysis we are very clear about what we are looking for and we use a variety of methods and channels to achieve this including:

  • Pro active approaches to people in your network (and ours)
  • Linkedin ‘job post’ searches
  • Advertising on Linkedin and other channels to attract applicants

Candidate selection and assessment

This is where our expertise really ‘kicks in’ because we understand sales. Using our QUEST (Quantum Evaluation of Sales Talent) framework we apply a variety of methods and processes to ensure that we deliver effective people and sales results. These  include:

  • Role plays
  • Practical exercises to assess knowledge and skills such as:
    • Presentation skills
    • Being articulate
    • Business writing skills
    • Technical knowledge
    • Sales process and management of the decision making process
  • Interviews with challenging questions based on the KASH profile
  • Psychometric profiling


We are your trusted partner to deliver effective sales people and sales leaders who get results.

We use a tried and tested series of tools and our 25 year pedigree to deliver effective salespeople and sales leaders
View the tools we use to recruit effective salespeople and sales leaders

Our clients trust us to only recommend a short list of people who can be effective in their sales or sales management role. This enables us to take care of most of the process on behalf of our clients leaving them to get on with their mainstream activities.