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If you’re taking a look at this page it’s probably because you have reached a stage in your growth curve where you recognise the need to manage and direct your sales effort but you are not yet ready to take on the full-time cost of a Sales Director or you are currently unclear about the job role and how it would add value. Or,maybe, you have a Sales Director vacancy and need a professional to manage the team on an interim basis.

Quantum’s SD Central helps businesses that are seeking sales growth by providing a highly experienced Sales Director for your team equipped with the full range of Quantum methodologies and tools to drive and motivate your sales team. Somebody who will quickly understand your business goals and strategies, and develop on-the-ground sales activities that will produce the required sales results.


Our team of experienced Sales Directors

Jeff Downs

We are senior Sales Directors with a toolkit

We will quickly work with you to define or refine your sales strategy to grow the business, maximising opportunities and minimising risk. We are sales practitioners with an in-depth knowledge of b2b sales and sales processes with the skills to chose appropriate Quantum tools and methodologies to very quickly grow the top line.


We don’t hang about…

Once appointed  we get to grips very quickly with the market opportunity, the clients and the team and put in place a sales strategy to optimise growth short, medium and long term. We give each salesperson a Personal Sales Plan to define their sales targets and, most importantly, the sales activity plan that will deliver the required results.


  • Sales strategy  developed and validated
  • Fast-track to increased sales results
  • Key client relationships protected and developed
  • Team motivated and developed to secure future results
  • Framework in place for ongoing sales management
  • Template in place for recruiting a permanent Sales Director


Let’s talk…

If you’re ready for the appointment of an interim or part time Sales Director to increase sales performance let us know and we can arrange a no obligation exploratory discussion. Please contact us using the details on the right or complete the contact form below.

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