Value Added Selling

The raison d’etre of sales is to sell the added value of its product or service relative to the competition and defend against price pressure to deliver both the sales and gross margin budgets.

Too often a myriad of excuses are used to cover the reality that the sales operation fails to adequately sell added value and either discount to win the order or records the loss as “the price was too high”.

In today’s market the adage “sell value or perish” has never been more relevant. Quantum’s under-pinning methodology is delivered via workshops and field coaching to embed the required skills.

C.H.A.N.G.E. Value Added Selling







Avoiding price pressure

Popular myth: People always buy on price. Reality: People never buy on price! They make a price versus value judgement and if no perceived value in the additional premium is demonstrated, the ‘cheaper’ option wins.

How good questioning leads to great sales

The fact is that there are too many salespeople out there who spend most of their lives in a ‘comfort zone’ talking about their products and services to people who may / may not understand them.

The biggest missed opportunity in selling...

Scientist have now proven that we make up our mind about people in a fraction of a second. So why do so many salespeople not manage to make a good impression when they meet somebody for the first time?

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