Gaining prospect appointments

How capable is the team of securing meetings with senior decision makers as a prerequisite to building sustainable B2B relationships between the organisations?

As strange as it may seem, it’s not that uncommon for seasoned sales professionals to struggle with this part of the sales process…but being able to generate meetings with key decision makers is an obvious prerequisite to both winning sustainable new customers and strengthening existing B2B relationships.

It’s the first step in the process to delivering improved sales performance…one often overlooked and clouded in a self- justifying myriad of excuses.

Often the main roadblock to new business growth and an increasing challenge in today’s business environment – not to mention being beyond the comfort zone of many sales people. Quantum have the tools to equip sales people with the confidence to implement this important task.

How to gain prospect appointments

Not everyone's favourite task but in this short paper we provide practical guidelines on how to be successful at securing prospect meetings.

How to network effectively

Networking is the art of making and utilising contacts by sharing information between them. The goal of networking should be to create a pool of people and information that can help you to efficiently reach your target market.

How to win new customers

Asking how to do this is a bit like asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Simple stuff at its core – but it can get complicated along the way… Read this practical guide on the central principles of acquiring new customers.


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