Appointment making – tools

Linkedin process

Through years of practical experience, Quantum has developed effective approaches for using Linkedin to identify decision makers and stakeholders and to set up a business dialogue. Through consultation with your Quantum consultant you will be quickly be able to deploy a strategy and set of actions leading to appointments with the required people.

Objection bank

It's obvious when you think about it most of the customer objections or 'concerns' that you get are the ones that come up again and again. Likewise it is likely that certain team members have the best ideas for countering the objections. This simple tool is a way of identifying the most common objections and sharing best practice to assemble 'best possible answers'.

Positioning statements and hooks

When it comes to gaining prospect appointments no one reacts well to transparently delivered scripts but it is true to say that certain key points need to be prepared to ensure that we engage the prospect and gain their interest. Quantum's simple template enables you to think through, document and hone your approach.

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