Quantum Sales Academy

The Quantum Sales Academy is a community of people who work in a professional sales role or for Entrepreneurs who need to sell effectively in order to grow their business.


Selling can be challenging as well as rewarding and our 30 years of experience has exposed us to the key issues that many people need to address including:

  • How to structure a sales conversation
  • How to win new clients
  • How to sell on value rather than price
  • Ability to negotiate
  • How to manage Key Accounts
  • How to handle objections
  • Ability to network to gain appointments
  • How to use Linkedin as an effective sales tool
  • How to structure a sales proposal


Membership is free to subscribers and gives you access to a wealth of resources to help you to address the issues listed opposite and maximise your personal potential. Join the Quantum Sales Academy to gain access to:

  • Sales master-class videos
  • E-learning modules
  • Sales-Aid articles to improve your knowledge of sales
  • Sales-Aid tools and templates for practical use
  • By invitation only live sales training webinars and podcasts
  • Peer group support groups
  • Access to private Facebook and Linkedin Groups

Join our community and be the best you can be when it comes to sales effectiveness.

Check out our latest Webinars here

Check out our latest Webinars here

In the challenging economic climate ahead, we have 2 free webinars available.

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