Value Added Selling

The raison d’etre of sales is to sell the added value of its product or service relative to the competition and defend against price pressure to deliver both the sales and gross margin budgets.

Too often a myriad of excuses are used to cover the reality that the sales operation fails to adequately sell added value and either discount to win the order or records the loss as “the price was too high”.

In today’s market the adage “sell value or perish” has never been more relevant. Quantum’s under-pinning methodology is delivered via workshops and field coaching to embed the required skills.


Part 1 (building blocks)

  1. Introduction And Objectives

The focusing of the programme and setting of the scene to gain the ‘buy-in’ of the participants.

  1. Defining The ‘Art’ Of Selling

The definition of successful selling in the 21st century emphasising the differences compared with current practice approach and the areas to be developed. Use of keynote case study to deductively gain commitment to the selling framework.

  1. Building Customer Commitment

Case studies and role-plays to emphasise the importance and potency of questioning technique and ‘funnelling’ to enable customers to realise a need for your products and services.

  1. Defining Sales Propositions

The introduction of a central tool to clearly define the features, advantages and proofs for your product/services and the generation of ‘crib-sheets’ to establish the questions to be asked during sales calls.

  1. The CHANGE™ Formula

The establishment of an overall discipline and structure for each sales call ensuring that objectives and tactics are clearly defined and that the presentation of benefits is executed at the right stage.

  1. Positioning The Meeting

Before and after role-plays of how to open sales visits effectively and make the right ‘first impression’ with decision makers and influencers. 

  1. Presenting The Benefits Of Your Solution

The introduction and practice of a structure for linking the features of your product/service to customer needs and wants thus emphasising key benefits that will increase the customer’s desire to buy. The examination and practice of various techniques that consultatively gain customer commitment.

  1. Objection Handling

An appreciation of the ‘psychology’ of objections and why we get them. How we might react and how we should react. The introduction of a structure for welcoming objections and using them as an opportunity to gain customer commitment.


  1. Handling and Presenting Price

A thorough examination of the ‘price’ issue making sure that the sales people have a positive attitude towards the value of what they are selling as a pre-requisite for selling value to the customer. Recommended ways of presenting ‘price’ and how to use price objections as an opportunity to sell value versus the competition.

  1. Gaining customer commitment

Introducing four key approaches to gaining customer commitment to the way ahead using Quantum’s 4A structure

11.Personal Action Plan 

Delegate specific actions and dates as a focus for sales management to follow up and implement.

Part 2: (tailored role plays)

  1. Knowledge test completed online in advance
  2. Feedback on test and summary of the methodologies
  3. Issue of case studies (content pre-prepared with client inputs)
  4. Preparation and execution of structured role plays followed by coaching and feedback
    1. The opening of the meeting
    2. Questioning and listening
    3. Presenting your solution
    4. Objection handling and gaining commitment

Part 3: (Accreditation)

Individual 1 hour sessions

  1. In-situ knowledge test
  2. Role plays with another member of your team playing the customer role
    1. The opening of the meeting
    2. Questioning and listening
    3. Presenting your solution
    4. Objection handling and gaining commitment
  3. Observation and scoring by the Quantum facilitator
  4. Feedback and accreditation with pre-agreed pass mark

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