Virtual Selling Skills

Jeff Downs


I am a Director of Quantum a long-established sales improvement consultancy. Since joint-founding Quantum I have specialised in change leadership in large value-added selling operations and in the coaching of salespeople, sales managers and senior executives.
Our focus is now SME helping business owners to improve sales effectiveness.


Sales Training Programmes

  • Sales Kickstart
  • Value Added Selling
  • Managing Key Accounts
  • Sales Negotiation

Sales Peer Groups

  • Business Leader Sales Effectiveness Groups
  • Sales Board Sales Director Groups
  • Sales Focus Groups for Sales People

Sales Leadership

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Management Framework
  • Sales Leadership and Motivation
  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Performance Management

Sales Recruitment

  • Interim Sales Director ( SD Central)
  • Role definition and personal profiling
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate selection and assessment

Quantum Sales Academy

Our online learning platform

  • Articles
  • Tools
  • Templates
  • Webinars
  • Video masterclasses

Sales Audit

  • Sales Leadership Diagnostic
  • Sales-Scope Audit
  • Sales Skill Self Assessment