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In the constantly changing world of b2b selling here you will find leading edge thought pieces on professional selling and what it takes to keep your sales team ahead of the competition.

Is selling an Art or Science?

Are good salespeople born or made? To what degree is selling an art rather than a science? Read more about Quantum’s view…

Managing future sales results

Forget the hype and concentrate on carefully planning and managing the three elements of sales activity which will produce your successful sales results of the future.

A comprehensive approach to sales forecasting that takes the ‘hunch’ out of the ‘guesswork’

How accurate is your sales forecast? How many of the deals you predict actually come in? Once you have assessed the true planning gap you may wish to consider how to improve it.

Avoiding Price Pressure

Popular myth: People always buy on price. Reality: People never buy on price! They make a price versus value judgement and if no perceived value in the additional premium is demonstrated, the ‘cheaper’ option wins.

How good questioning leads to great sales

The fact is that there are too many salespeople out there who spend most of their lives in a ‘comfort zone’ talking about their products and services to people who may / may not understand them.

How to win new customers

Asking how to do this is a bit like asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’. Simple stuff at its core – but it can get complicated along the way…Read this practical guide on the central principles of acquiring new customers

Are you making your customers an offer they can't refuse?

The issue of preparing and developing strong and robust propositions which deliver advantages to the customer is a common problem for companies and professional firms throughout the land – and one not always well addressed.

Are you getting sufficient RoI from your sales and marketing operation?

Take a look at your P&L and ask yourself whether the sales and marketing operation is delivering true competitive advantage for what is probably a significant spend?

Driving revenue and profit growth

Within the UK sales is a largely misunderstood and under-valued resource.

What’s the value of a sales call?

In response to the question “How do you effectively manage sales activity?” it’s not uncommon to hear a response along the lines of …“the sales team are charged with making x calls per week which are monitored and reviewed in our CRM system”

The Essence of Account Management

Firstly, consider that the Account Manager fulfils these primary roles:

Why sales training does not work

Every year millions of pounds, and much more in terms of downtime and opportunity cost, are spent on sales training in the b2b sales arena. Jeff Downs looks at why in his opinion, it doesn’t work.

How to recognise negotiation tactics

Negotiations occur in all areas of our lives, not just business. From large government contract negotiations with complex decision-making processes…

How to ensure you're selling rather than ‘pitching’

In our experience the THE NUMBER ONE mistake that many (even most) salespeople make is that they pitch much, much too early.

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